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A dimple is considered an attractive feature, and a sign of good fortune in some cultures. The small hollow that makes up the dimple is formed because of a small gap in the muscle of the cheek, which pulls the skin inwards when smiling. There are various methods to create a dimple, from simply using a stitch to create the dimple, to a simple procedure to recreate the gap in the muscle that exists in a naturally occurring dimple. In Dr. Becker’s opinion, this method of dimple creation most closely replicates a naturally occurring dimple. Done from the inside of the mouth, the position of the dimple is carefully selected in a location that best suits the patient’s wishes. An injection of numbing medication is placed in the area. A small opening is made and a gap is created in the cheek muscle. The undersurface of the skin at the site of the dimple is anchored with a dissolvable suture through all the layers of the facial soft tissue. The opening on the inside of the mouth is then closed. As the suture connecting the backside of the skin of the dimple to the soft tissues of the cheek dissolves, the healing process causes the tissues to fuse, creating a dimple that will be present when smiling.

Individual results may vary. 


The dimple is rather prominent at first, even when not smiling, because there is some swelling in the area. With time, the dimple will become much more subtle, appearing most prominently when smiling. No bandaging is needed following dimple creation and patients may resume regular activity the next day following the procedure.

Individual results may vary.

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