Individual results may vary.
Individual results may vary.
Individual results may vary.

What Is a Facelift?

The results of a facelift are significant, taking years off the appearance of your face and the downtime is minimal.  Most patients are back to their normal routine within two weeks. The procedure will significantly improve the signs of aging, with long-lasting results, that will help you reduce the appearance of future aging.

North Raleigh facelift surgeon, Dr. Adam Becker, uses well-hidden incisions, IV sedation and local anesthetic, to ensure you are pain free and comfortable during the procedure. This approach helps prevent grogginess and post-operative nausea that some patients experience with general anesthesia.

The Correct Procedure for Your Face:

Dr. Becker will consult with you to determine the most appropriate surgical technique for your facelift in Raleigh.  There are different kinds of facelifts and at least twelve different surgical techniques used to ensure the results are natural and beautiful. The main difference between the various types is how the layers of tissue are addressed.

Underneath the skin there are several layers:

  • Fatty tissue
  • The muscles ( for facial expression)
  • Layers of tissue called the SMAS (superficial musculo-apeuneurotic system) that form a bridge to the muscles of expression

What most people think of as a traditional “facelift” simply tightens the skin, however, there are two significant concerns with this basic approach:

  1.  Simply removing excess skin can lead to the pulled looking “windswept” appearance. This unnatural appearance is a give-away that a facelift has been done. This can also cause too much stress along the incision line that can lead to widened scars.
  2. Without properly changing the underlying structures beneath the surface, the skin quickly stretches and can lead to a quicker return of the jowls and the appearance of loose tissues under the chin, lessening the longevity and impact of the procedure.

There are other techniques that rely on sutures to gather or pleat the SMAS tissues to create tightening. These techniques are somewhat less invasive, and can work well on the right patient. However, on the wrong patient, using only sutures to tighten the deeper tissues to lift the sagging jowls and neck is often temporary because the sutures will either disintegrate or pull through the tissues over time. If the underlying structure isn’t re-contoured, the memory of the tissues tends to cause a rapid return of the aging skin.

Dr. Becker specializes in the deep plane facelift in Raleigh, often considered one of the most technical approaches. This technique addresses the sagging SMAS by elevating and repositioning the tissue. This creates a facelift that smoothes the jowls and neck, yet appears very natural and leads to a longer-lasting results. Incisions are placed discreetly along the hairline and behind the ears, so visible scarring from the procedure is of little concern. As there are many important and vital structures in the face, the deep plane facelift requires specialized training and extensive knowledge of facial anatomy. Dr. Becker can help customize a plan unique to your goals, and specific to your anatomy.