Individual results may vary.
Individual results may vary.

WHAT is a Necklift? And What to Expect

Neck lift surgery addresses the signs of the aging neck by treating the excess fat, muscle and skin in the neck and under the chin (commonly referred to as the “turkey wattle’). While neck lifting is routinely a part of a facelift operation, it can also be performed independently in cases where the jowl and jaw line are not a concern.

When considering a neck lift, it is important to consider the harmony of the relationship between the face and neck. In some cases, individuals may be just be focusing on the loose, hanging skin under the chin without examining all the areas of the face. If a person also has excess skin below and in front of the ear combined with a prominent jowl, neck lift surgery alone could lead to unnatural looking results. Dr. Becker specializes in producing natural-looking results by assessing your entire face and neck, as many people who have excess skin in their neck in addition to jowling and loss of elasticity of the skin on the face have excellent results when combining facelift surgery along with neck lift surgery.