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10 Ways To Make Guests Feel At Home During The Holidays

I love the holidays! Guests visiting makes the house come alive. Sometimes it is easy to worry if your guest will feel comfortable. I love to make little touches to help my guests feel at home when visiting so they can truly enjoy themselves.

Here are some tips to help you during the holiday season to be sure your guests will feel at home during their stay with you:

  1. Clean and declutter your guest room. Giving your guest some personal space can help them feel comfortable and sleep well in a new place.


  1. Give the house a good cleaning but don’t worry about aiming for perfection. Often we want things to be perfect when our guests come but all that happens is that we make our home feel cold and unapproachable. We want our guests to feel at home and that means we should make our homes relaxed and cozy.


  1. Set out extra blankets to snuggle with. Winter is chilly and throws blankets and extra pillows make your home cozy and feeling warm.


  1. Use a diffuser to make your home smell pretty. Holiday scents are always a great option. Look for a fragrance that is safe for kids and sensitive individuals.


  1. Leave snacks and drinks in a place that makes it clear to your guests that it is meant for them so they don’t feel uncomfortable asking for something they need. A quick reminder for them to “make yourself at home” will also help with this!


  1. Provide your guests with a few things to keep them entertained. While most likely they will use what device they bring with them things like books, magazines, and games they can do if they have trouble sleeping is always a good idea. If children are coming as well, be sure to put a box of toys and games to help keep kids entertained.


  1. Give your guests the Wifi password so they can connect online without using up data because they forgot, or feel uncomfortable, asking for it.


  1. Bake a treat or make their favorite food for dinner. This is a great way to make everyone, kids especially, feel at home when visiting. There is nothing like a batch of fresh baked cookies to start a conversation and get a kid to feel at home.


  1. If you have a closet in the guest room where your guests will be staying, offer them some spare hangers to hang their clothes. Also, offer an iron if they need it. Packed clothes wrinkle no matter what you do to pack them, and this gesture can mean a lot!


  1. Put out extra bath and hand towels in the guest bathroom, as well as some spare travel bottles of shampoo and soap. You can pick them up at most stores for under a dollar, and in the event they forgot to pack these types of items with them, this offering is very sweet and keeps the guest from having to ask for these things when everyone is rushing to get ready in the morning.


Enjoy the holidays, and enjoy your company. It always goes by so fast, so soak it all in and capture those precious moments.



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