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EmbraceRF: A Minimally Invasive and Powerful Technology That Delivers Gorgeous Results


Are you in the Raleigh area and looking for a fresh approach to tightening facial skin and getting rid of unwanted fat?  Do you have mild to moderate signs of facial aging? Dr. Becker has years of facial plastic surgery experience, and is excited to bring EmbraceRF to his Raleigh practice.  This new service offering will undoubtedly deliver remarkable results and leave you feeling beautiful! You deserve it…

EmbraceRF is a unique, minimally invasive procedure that safely uses radiofrequency energy to boost skin tightening and break down unwanted fat. Sounds cool, right?!  

Also known as Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RAFL), this procedure uses radiofrequency waves delivered by specific hand instruments (FaceTite and AccuTite) to complement the traditional liposuction approach by dissolving fat and generating collagen production for firmer skin.   This minimally invasive procedure delivers gorgeous, natural looking results that were otherwise difficult to achieve without more aggressive and invasive surgical procedures. Individual results may vary.  

FaceTite is used for larger areas of the face and neck, while AccuTite is designed for more delicate areas, such as the eyelids, brows, laugh lines, lower face and neck. When you meet with Dr. Becker for a consultation, he will determine which procedure is right for you.  

Dr. Becker performs FaceTite and AccuTite under local anesthesia. Using a small skin opening near the area to be treated, the FaceTite or AccuTite instrument is gently inserted and the radiofrequency waves are guided through the treatment area, using precise temperature monitoring and safety cutoffs.  The waves are contained and converted into thermal energy in the tissues, which disrupts fatty tissues and collagen protein contraction. Gentle liposuction is also performed in the treatment area when necessary. 

FaceTite and AccuTite procedures will typically conclude with Dr. Becker contouring the outer surface of the skin, using the Morpheus8 hand instrument.  The Morpheus8 allows for an improved approach to traditional microneedling, as it emits uniform radiofrequency energy upon contact with the skin, allowing for ultimate skin tightening on the outside surface.  

The procedure is typically performed in under an hour and leads to a healing comeback and, over time, new collagen is produced beneath the skin. This gives the results of tighter skin and better skin elasticity that continues to improve for 6-12 months. 

Recovery time is quick and patients can resume normal activities shortly after.  A compression garment and post-care instructions will be provided. Due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, patients can expect less bruising and less discomfort during the recovery phase.  

In patients with mild to moderate signs of facial aging, radiofrequency skin tightening combined with lipocontouring can result in a beautiful rejuvenation of aging changes previously only able to be achieved with extensive lifting procedures. 

*Individual results may vary.