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Hyperdiluted Radiesse Neck Rejuvenation Treatments in Raleigh, NC


Radiesse Neck RejuvinationIf your neck is showing signs of aging, including lines, wrinkles and loose, sagging skin, and you’re looking for a non-surgical fix, a Radiesse neck rejuvenation treatment may just be what you need. Dr. Adam Becker in Raleigh, NC often treats his patients with a series of hyperdiluted Radiesse dermal filler injections to smooth, plump and firm neck skin for patients who aren’t quite ready for a necklift surgery.

What is Radiesse?
It is an FDA-approved dermal filler composed of Calcium Hydroxylapatite, a substance that occurs naturally in bones, stimulates the body to build new collagen, and naturally firms and adds volume to the sagging area and improves skin texture.

What is Hyperdiluted Radiesse?
It is Radiesse that has been thinned out with a mixture of saline solution and Lidocaine. Dr. Becker injects the hyperdiluted Radiesse into the neck where deep lines and sagging skin is present to improve skin texture and elasticity. These treatments deliver remarkable, natural-looking results for patients with thin, crepe-like skin. Individual results may vary.

How many treatments are necessary?
A typical patient neck rejuvenation treatment plan includes 3 syringes injected in 2-3 appointments spaced 4 weeks apart. A topical numbing cream is usually applied prior to treatment to make the patient more comfortable during the injection treatment.

When will results be visible and how long will they last?
Natural collagen remodeling takes time, so results will become noticeable within 4 weeks. Follow-up treatments will continue to promote smoother, youthful-looking results peaking 4 months after the final treatment. Patients may see results last up to 2 years. Individual results may vary.

If you’re wondering if hyperdiluted Radiesse injections are the right fix for your aging neck, schedule your consultation with Dr. Becker and he’ll provide you with a full assessment, listen to your concerns, and discuss the best treatment options for you.