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Say Goodbye to Acne Scars with Halo™️


Are you one of the millions who suffer (or have suffered) with acne that has left you with scarring that makes you feel uncomfortable in your skin? If you are living in the Raleigh area, you’re in luck!  Our Medical Esthetician, Yelena, has many years of experience treating moderate to severe acne scarring cases, and she can help you achieve that gorgeous facial glow that you’ve been dreaming of. Yelena’s strong analytical abilities combined with her meticulous treatment techniques have delivered successful results and boosted self-confidence for many of our patients!

Almost everyone experiences acne in their life and it’s the most common skin condition in the U.S. Acne occurs when skin pores become clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria, resulting in shallow lesions that are usually minor and heal quickly.  However, sometimes a deep break in the wall of the pores occurs and the lesions become deeper, resulting in acne scarring.

Scarring falls into 2 categories.

  1. Hypertrophic or keloid scarring: Develops when the body overproduces collagen as acne wounds are healing, resulting in a mass of raised tissue on the skin’s surface.
  2. Atrophic or depressed scarring: Develops as a result of tissue loss.  Acne scars usually fall into this category. There are 3 types of atrophic acne scars.  Icepick scars are deep scars with a small opening, usually 2mm or less, that tapers to a v-shape at its depth.  Rolling scars are usually wider than 4 to 5 mm, are shallow, and give a rolling or undulating appearance to the skin. Boxcar scars are round/oval depressions in the surface of the skin with steeply angled sides, similar to chickenpox scars and can be shallow or deep.

The Halo™️ Hybrid Fractional Laser is a great treatment option for acne scarring, as it combines the best of both non-ablative and ablative laser treatments.   Halo treatment helps stimulate collagen to improve overall skin quality and diminish acne scarring. Individual results may vary.

A topical anesthetic cream is initially applied to the face, which takes approximately one hour to be fully effective.  Once the patient is numb, the Halo treatment takes approximately 30-45 minutes. The treatment initiates with the Halo handpiece passing over the entire surface of the face to measure the face and calculate the exact amount of energy necessary to complete a safe and effective treatment. Throughout the treatment, Halo continuously measures the temperature of the skin and automatically changes energy density and pulse width to ensure the laser is always tuned to the patient’s specifications. The handpiece features an integrated cooling feature to keep the skin cool during the treatment, allowing the patient to remain comfortable. Our practice also offers self-administered nitrous oxide for additional comfort.

Once the treatment is complete the patient is provided with ice packs and chilled air delivery to cool the skin and can repeat icing as needed throughout the remainder of the day.

Post-procedure downtime is minimal, generally only 2-3 days (although more aggressive treatments may have slightly more downtime). Moisturizer may be applied the day after. Makeup can usually be applied the following day and the patient may resume their full skincare routine usually after a week.

Halo is also a great treatment option for improving complexion and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment plans are individualized for each patient and multiple treatments may be required depending on the desired results for each patient. Individual results may vary.

If you want to learn more about Halo and if it’s the right treatment for you, please call us (919) 706-4900 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a complimentary consultation. During your consultation, Yelena will discuss your history and suggest the right treatment plan for you. As with any treatment, individual results may vary.