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Enhancing the ‘Ozempic Face’

Ozempic FaceSemaglutide, originally used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, has received some notoriety over the past several years. Sold under the brand names Ozempic™, Wegovy™ and Rybelsus™, the transformative effects of semaglutide in obesity has garnered significant attention and admiration. Along with dramatic weight loss, some individuals suffer from so called “Ozempic face”, for which some people are interested in treatment options. Dr. Adam Becker at Triangle Facial Plastic Surgery offers a variety of options for this, including Morpheus8 RF microneedling and injectable dermal fillers. These make up two of the most common treatments because they can provide an effective, non-surgical approach and deliver a radiant and rejuvenated facial transformation in Raleigh, NC.

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Four Treatment Options for Improving Laugh and Smile Lines

Improve Laugh and Smile Lines As we age, and the more we laugh and smile, lines and folds in our facial skin appear and become more visible. Over time, those lines may become deeper and form permanent wrinkles that are present whether you’re smiling or not.

Are you among the group of many adults struggling with smile lines around the mouth and nasolabial folds (creases that extend along the bottom of the nose down to the mouth – aka “laugh lines”)? Don’t fret! You have options!

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Fire + Ice Facial: What’s It All About?

Fire + Ice FacialWondering what the Fire & Ice facial is all about? This quick 2-step facial treatment includes 2 separate masque applications that work to rapidly resurface and rejuvenate the skin with no downtime!

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6 Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments to Reduce Wrinkles

Reduce Wrinkles RaleighWrinkles are one of the early visible signs of aging that may begin for adults in their 20s, becoming more prominent over time, depending on a variety of factors. For many people, wrinkles can be quite bothersome and wreak havoc on one’s self-confidence. The good news is that improving the appearance of wrinkles is possible, and whether you are looking to start small or go bigger, our team of experts at Triangle Facial Plastic Surgery has several options for you; read on to learn more!

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6 Tips to Help You Glow-Up This Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching and with a calendar that is filling up quickly, have you thought about being ready to look and feel your very best this season?  Don’t fret! Your friends at Triangle Facial Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, NC have your back! We want your season to stay merry and bright!  Follow these 6 tips that will be sure to help you glow up this holiday season!  


  1. Exercise regularly – you will feel better physically and mentally.  Regular exercise improves your mood, boosts energy, helps work off extra calories you’ll be consuming during get togethers and parties and promotes better sleep.
  2. Drink plenty of water!  A hydrated body looks and feels good. Good hydration delivers benefits for the body, including maintaining a more youthful looking glow!  
  3. Get plenty of sleep!  The holiday season is packed with extra social activities, which are fun, but add that to everything else going on in your life, it may become stressful to keep up with it all.  Don’t let yourself get run down, or you could get sick and miss out on the fun.  
  4. Treat yourself to a facial! Facials are a quick and relaxing way to take a peaceful moment for yourself, while deep cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin will refresh your look and keep you glowing all season! The Hydrafacial is our most popular facial here at TFPS because it’s quick, customizable and leaves you with the most radiant glow!  
  5. Plan your Botox and filler treatments with Dr. Becker in advance!  Neurotoxins (Botox, ​​Dysport and Xeomin) and fillers do a wonderful job with smoothing lines and wrinkles with very little downtime. While results from filler treatments are instant, neurotoxin injection results take full effect in 7-14 days.  
  6. Don’t forget to WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY!  Wear at least SPF 30 on your face, neck and areas not covered by clothing. Even though you’re not laying out in the sun this time of year, the sun’s harmful rays will still damage the skin and cause premature skin aging.  

Incorporating these simple tips into your holiday lifestyle will help give you that glowing boost you need to get you through the busiest and most joyous time of year!  Give us a call (919) 706-4900 or complete our contact form to schedule your treatments.  We are also available by DM on our Instagram and Facebook accounts anytime to answer any questions you may have!  We wish you and yours a beautiful and glowing holiday season! ❤️

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VI Peel Q&A With Yelena

VI Peel
You may have heard that Autumn has been dubbed as “peeling season” in the aesthetic world.   As temperatures get cooler and days get shorter, our sun exposure lessens.  It’s the perfect time of year to undo summer sun damage with a chemical peel! While we offer a variety of facial peels here at Triangle Facial Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, our favorite and most popular chemical peel, the VI Peel, has a consistent track record for minimal downtime and gorgeous results!

We are here with Yelena, our licensed medical esthetician, to highlight and answer the most commonly asked questions we receive about VI Peel.

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Fall Skincare Tips

Fall Skincare Tips September is National Skincare Awareness month. Summer is behind us, and fall officially begins this week. Now is a great time to focus on a refresh with your skincare routine! Here are some skincare tips to improve the appearance of your skin and help you establish and maintain a healthy glow all season and beyond:

  • Keep using sunscreen every single day! Daily sunscreen use protects us from the sun’s harmful rays and helps slow down visible signs of aging.
  • If you discontinued using retinol products during the summer, get back to it. Retinol is great for reducing fine lines & wrinkles, as it increases the production of collagen. Additional benefits of using products with retinol include improving skin texture & color and fading age spots and sun damage.
  • Reverse your summer fun with a chemical peel, BBL Hero, Halo, or CoolPeel CO2 laser treatment.
  • Get moisture back into your skin with some extra hydration. We have some wonderful medical-grade moisturizers available. Ask Yelena which one is best for your skin!
  • Relax and refresh with a Hydrafacial and rid your skin of summer gunk, oils, sunscreens. This quick 30-minute treatment is the perfect treat for you and your skin!
  • Don’t miss our limited-time laser treatment savings! BBL Hero, Halo, and CoolPeel treatments are all 20% off this month! Soak up the savings: pre-purchase now and use anytime!

Have questions? Give us a call at (919) 706-4900 during office hours (M-F 9 am-5 pm) or DM us anytime!

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5 Summer Skincare Do’s

5 Summer Skincare Do'sDuring these hot and humid summer days, facial skin tends to be more oily, trapping pollutants and dead skin cells. Follow these five summer skincare do’s to help reduce your chances of skin conditions such as discoloration, breakouts and redness and maintain a youthful complexion! Individual results may vary.

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Five Commandments of Melasma

MelasmaAre you one of the many people wondering why darkened patches of skin on your face showed up out of the blue? Melasma is a facial skin condition that’s characterized by brown or blue-gray patches or freckle-like spots that appear on the forehead, cheeks, chin, upper lip and/or nose. It is more common in females and sometimes referred to as the “mask of pregnancy” because it can be triggered by hormones during pregnancy. Sunlight exposure plays a major role in triggering the appearance of melasma, along with birth control pills, HCG diets and hormone replacement.

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Which Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment Would Work Best For You?

Laser Skin Resurfacing TreatmentsWe offer a variety of laser skin resurfacing treatments at Triangle Facial Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, NC to address various skin conditions. Laser skin resurfacing treatments vary when it comes to how aggressive the treatment is, treatment time, downtime and the timeline for results. Our goal is to recommend the treatment that will best address the concerns of our patients while delivering the most desirable, youthful-looking results.

While they all deliver healthy, glowing, younger-looking skin, determining which laser skin resurfacing treatment is best for you can be confusing. We’ve developed a chart to simplify and compare three of our most popular treatment options: CoolPeel CO2 Laser Treatment, Halo and Full Face Laser Resurfacing.

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