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5 Summer Skincare Do’s


5 Summer Skincare Do'sDuring these hot and humid summer days, facial skin tends to be more oily, trapping pollutants and dead skin cells. Follow these five summer skincare do’s to help reduce your chances of skin conditions such as discoloration, breakouts and redness and maintain a youthful complexion! Individual results may vary.

Five Summer Skincare DO’s

  1. DO cleanse and moisturize daily (AM & PM), exfoliate regularly each week and get monthly professional facials.
  2. DO incorporate high-quality, medical grade skincare products that effectively remove debris, exfoliate dead skin cells and balance your skin’s pH levels. TIP: We love ZO SKIN HEALTH® Exfoliating Polish because it instantly reveals smoother, softer + glowing skin!
  3. DO use antioxidant products (with ingredients like VitaminC) to minimize and repair UV damage from the sun. TIP: We love ZO SKIN HEALTH® Daily Power Defense, a restorative skin barrier staple that hydrates and protects your skin during the day and repairs accumulated skin damage at night.
  4. DO reapply broad spectrum sunscreen every two hours, especially if swimming, sweating, or using highly photosensitive ingredients (such as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and retinols).
  5. DO streamline your skincare routine! Yelena is here to recommend the best skincare treatments and products to suit YOUR lifestyle all year long.

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