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Fall Skincare Tips


Fall Skincare Tips September is National Skincare Awareness month. Summer is behind us, and fall officially begins this week. Now is a great time to focus on a refresh with your skincare routine! Here are some skincare tips to improve the appearance of your skin and help you establish and maintain a healthy glow all season and beyond:

  • Keep using sunscreen every single day! Daily sunscreen use protects us from the sun’s harmful rays and helps slow down visible signs of aging.
  • If you discontinued using retinol products during the summer, get back to it. Retinol is great for reducing fine lines & wrinkles, as it increases the production of collagen. Additional benefits of using products with retinol include improving skin texture & color and fading age spots and sun damage.
  • Reverse your summer fun with a chemical peel, BBL Hero, Halo, or CoolPeel CO2 laser treatment.
  • Get moisture back into your skin with some extra hydration. We have some wonderful medical-grade moisturizers available. Ask Yelena which one is best for your skin!
  • Relax and refresh with a Hydrafacial and rid your skin of summer gunk, oils, sunscreens. This quick 30-minute treatment is the perfect treat for you and your skin!
  • Don’t miss our limited-time laser treatment savings! BBL Hero, Halo, and CoolPeel treatments are all 20% off this month! Soak up the savings: pre-purchase now and use anytime!

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