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VI Peel Q&A With Yelena

VI Peel
You may have heard that Autumn has been dubbed as “peeling season” in the aesthetic world.   As temperatures get cooler and days get shorter, our sun exposure lessens.  It’s the perfect time of year to undo summer sun damage with a chemical peel! While we offer a variety of facial peels here at Triangle Facial Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, our favorite and most popular chemical peel, the VI Peel, has a consistent track record for minimal downtime and gorgeous results!

We are here with Yelena, our licensed medical esthetician, to highlight and answer the most commonly asked questions we receive about VI Peel.

What is a VI Peel?
VI Peel is a medium-intensity, medical-grade chemical peel for the face and body.  When applied to the surface of the skin, this powerful blend of ingredients penetrates the outer layer(s) of the skin to exfoliate and stimulate the production of new proteins and reveal a healthy, smooth, and more youthful-looking complexion.

While VI Peel has been a tried and true facial treatment for many years, there was never a chemical peel formulated specifically for body skin until VI Peel Body arrived!  The brand new VI Peel Body can treat any area of the body where the skin is two to three times thicker, allowing for true corrective change to take place, as it penetrates deeper to drive cell turnover and generate physical peeling and visible improvements to the skin.

What skin conditions does VI Peel treat?
VI Peel powerfully reduces pigmentation and improves the appearance of various skin conditions, including:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Aging skin
  • Rough, dry skin
  • Acne
  • Melasma
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Acne scarring
  • Stretch marks (when combined with microneedling)
  • Keratosis pilaris

Is VI Peel safe?
Yes, VI Peel is safe and effective for all skin types & tones.  It should not be used if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you have sunburn or eczema.

What does a VI Peel treatment entail?
VI Peel treatments are quick and painless.  The initial VI Peel application is done in the office with Yelena.  As she applies the initial peel to your face/body, you will feel a tingling sensation as the formula begins to penetrate the skin and frosting may occur on the treated area(s). Once your initial treatment is applied, you will receive detailed instructions to follow at home along with Post Peel Towelettes to use on days 2 and 3, and Post Peel Protectant to use daily to help heal and protect the skin during the exfoliation and peel process. It is VERY IMPORTANT to use SPF 50+ on the treated area(s) for the duration of the peeling process also. The at-home follow-up skincare routine is simple and straightforward, and Yelena is always available to answer any questions you may have after you leave the office. Redness and mild swelling may occur after treatment and usually resolves within a day or so. Individual results may vary.

When can I expect physical peeling to begin and how long does the peeling last?
Facial Treatments: You can expect peeling to start on or around day 3 (day 1 is the day you receive your in-office treatment) for a facial application. While every peel can be different, in general peeling may occur for 3-7 days. For some, peeling may last additional days. Individual results may vary.
Body Treatments: The body’s cell turnover is much slower than that of the face, hence you can expect to experience peeling on the body beginning on days 5-7, with peeling that lasts from 4-7 days.  Individual results may vary.

Can I exercise after a VI Peel treatment?
You should refrain from exercising and excessive sweating for 72-96 hours after receiving the VI Peel to prevent any blistering in the skin or Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). If you’re prone to PIH or if you have pigment damage/melasma, it is suggested to refrain from exercise for the entire 7-day peeling process.

VI Peel Before and After
How long before I see results?  How long do results last?
You will notice a smoother, healthier complexion in approximately 14 days. Results may last for several months if you keep your skin protected with SPF daily and stay out of the sun. Individual results may vary.

How much does VI Peel cost?
VI Peel for face is $350 per treatment. VI Peel Body costs $399-599 per treatment, depending on the size/ area(s) being treated.

How often should I repeat VI Peel treatments?
Results are noticeable after a single treatment.  Depending on your skin conditions and goals, 3-6 treatments, spaced 2-4 weeks apart, may be recommended. Maintenance treatments may be recommended 2-4 times a year, depending on your skin’s needs.

What ages are recommended for the VI Peel?
The youngest age suggested for the VI Peels is around 12 to 13 years old and can go all the way through mature age ranges.

What happens to the appearance of melasma after a VI Peel?
It is possible for melasma to appear darker after one peel as it is coming to the surface of the skin. It is suggested to have a series of VI Peels when a person has melasma, as it may be deep in the layers of the skin and could take a series of peels to lift the damage. If you suffer from long-term melasma, a series of 4-6 peels may be necessary to lighten the pigment condition.

Can I get a VI Peel if I have tattoos or microbladed eyebrows?
Yes, a light application should not fade tattoo coloring. Applying a barrier crème on the tattoo can help protect the tattoo. A single peel treatment should not make a notable change on the coloring of the tattoo, but multiple treatments on the area could have an effect on the coloring of the tattoo.
If you have tattooed makeup or microblading, a barrier crème should be applied to the areas prior to the peel application.

If you’re wondering how VI Peel can make a remarkable difference in the appearance of your skin, give us a call (919) 706-4900 to schedule your complimentary consultation with Yelena and she will discuss a skincare treatment plan that will help you achieve the healthy glowing skin you deserve!

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